Monday, July 27, 2015

Jazz & Blues Revue special Showcase in Hollywood August 7

We had about 1000 people show up for the Jazz & Blues Revue at Culver City last Thursday, as part of the Boulevard Music Summer Music Festival.  We have one more show scheduled for the summer.

Please join us on Friday August 7 for the REEL TUNES 2015 ARTIST SHOWCASE.
6 GREAT bands!!
Music starts at 7:30, we will go on around 9:00 PM
$20.00 general admission,  $15 with student ID

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

George Kahn "SECRETS" Band returns to Long Beach CA

Saturday August 29 Seabird Jazz Lounge presents

George Kahn "Secrets" Quintet
-       George Kahn
-       Nolan Shaheed
-       Rickey Woodard
-       Jeff Takaguchi
-       Paul Kreibich

The GEORGE KAHN "SECRETS" BAND is a "classic" jazz quintet.  The "secret" is you never know which amazing players George will have in the band on any gig.  This next show, on Saturday August 29 is going to feature the horn section of Nolan Shaheed (Marvin Gaye, Count Basie) on trumpet, and Rickey Woodard (Ray Charles, Horace Silver, Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra) on sax.  Paul Kreibich (drums) and Jeff Takaguchi (Bass) will round out the rhythm ssection.

A rare Saturday Night performance - come join us when music starts at 9:00 PM - 12:30 AM, Seabird Jazz Lounge, 730 Broadway long beach CA 90802 USA   $10.00 cover charge - for more information:

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wish you friends a "Happy Birthday" with The Jazzz & Blues Revue

The Jazz & Blues Revue loves you!  We have posted a new "Happy Birthday We Love You" video on YouTube.  It is the perfect way to wish anyone you love a Happy Birthday.  Just take this link and share it by email or on Facebook when it is someone's birthday

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Jazz & Blurs Revue" gets write-up from Scott Yanow in April Issue of LA Jazz Scene

The Jazz & Blues Revue is on a small hiatus in honor of Gina Saputo's new baby Hazel (please wish her congrats on Facebook!), but the reviews continue to pour in.
Here is the review by Scott Yanow that appeared in the April issue of LA JAZZ SCENE:

"Pianist George Kahn has been putting together ambitious and successful shows in the L.A. area for years. His Jazz & Blues Revue puts the spotlight on three equally talented singers: Courtney Lemmon, Gina Saputo and Crystal Starr. The Jazz & Blues Revue (which perhaps should really be called the Jazz & R&B Revue) covers a wide ground, from a heated version of “Cantaloupe Island” and a Latin-ized “Summertime” to the r&bish “I’d Rather Be Blind” and “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.” Of particular interest are a pair of songs (“Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar” and “Shoo Shoo Baby”) that find the singers operating very much like a swing era vocal trio. Each of the vocalists are also in the lead on three songs apiece, belting their hearts out. Kahn’s rhythm section with bassist Lyman Medeiros and drummer M.B. Gordy is joined on various selections by altoist Eric Marienthal, trumpeter Dr. Bobby Rodriguez (who is in explosive form), tenor-saxophonist Chuck Manning and guitarist Pat Kelley, each of whom add a lot to the music. Overall Jazz & Blues Revue (available from is quite fun and certainly full of spirit."

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A nice review from Jazz and George Harris

Pianist George Kahn is one of the few guys around who makes jazz both swinging and musical enough for the cognicenti and yet entertaining enough for their dates. The Angeleno does this balancing act by bringing together some of the best locals around, such as Lyman Medeiros/b, MB Gordy/dr, Eric Marienthal/as-ss, Chuck Manning/ts, Pat Kelly/g and Dr. Bobby Rodriguez/tp and having them deliver accessibly driving tunes such as “Afro Blue” and “Cantaloupe Island” in a way that would satisfy either the hipster or Valley Girl.

He does it by incorporating the terrific trio of vocalists Gina Saputo, Crystal Starr and Courtney Lemmon to deliver the lyrics in both lead and backup form in a ways that can veer from cutsie putsy as on the Andrew Sisters-inspired “Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar” the a stomping STAX R&Bish “I’d Rather Go Blind.” The ladies deliver a funky take of the Crescent City classic “Yes We Can Can” while going even deeper down Bourbon Street with Rodriguez’s horn on a growling “Summertime.” 

Some swampy tenor sax make and grizzled guitar make for hard hitting readings of “Rock Me Baby” and  “God Bless The Child” respectively while the choice of Bill Withers’ “Use Me” has the husky toned harem delivering the lyrics with street corner savvy.

Each lady has her own delivery and style, from the gal next door Betty’d Lemmon on “Yes We Can Can” to the world wise Veronica’d “Saputo on “Shoo Shoo Boy.” This team should make every vocal group in NYC quiver with fear if they ever decided to leave the land of In N Out Burgers for the land of Lombardi’s. Unique, yet universal.