Welcome to THE JAZZ & BLUES REVUE, with George Kahn (musical director) on piano and featuring the vocals of Courtney Lemmon, Gina Saputo and Crystal Starr. This band of All-Star Los Angeles players (with Chuck Manning on sax, Dr. Bobby Rodriguez on Trumpet, Lyman Medeiros on bass, and M. B. Gordy on drums) brings the history of jazz and blues to life in an exciting evening of music. Watch this video montage to see the Jazz & Blues Revue in action, and then call to have them perform.

For bookings: 310-295-6233
For questions or comments, email us here

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Jazz Pianist George Kahn feels his fans are ready for a change, so he formed the Jazz & Blues Revue.  More than just another jazz ensemble this time around, the Jazz & Blues Revue brings three of the best singers in Los Angeles together to perform unique arrangements of jazz standards along with other well-known songs, in a wonderful blend of Jazz, R&B and Soul.
Singer Courtney Lemmon has appeared on several of George’s albums and most recently released her debut CD “STAY WITH ME”, teaming her with Grammy Award winning Producer Michael Acosta.  Gina Saputo was among seven musicians chosen by Herbie Hancock, Terence Blanchard, and Wayne Shorter to study at the Thelonius Monk Institute. She performs regularly and also teaches singing at the Musicians Institute.  Crystal Starr has performed as a backup singer for Ariana Grande, as well as legendary greats Smokey Robinson, John Legend and Joss Stone.  She recently performed on Broadway in “Baby It’s You!”.
Renowned musicians Eric Marienthal (Sax), Dr. Bobby Rodriguez (trumpet),  Lyman Medeiros (Bass) and M. B. Gordy (Drums/Percussion) are featured on the new album,  along with Special Guests, Pat Kelley on Guitar and Chuck Manning on Sax.
The album has new, creative arrangements of jazz and blues standards like Cantaloupe Island, Rock Me Baby, Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar, God Bless The Child, Summertime and Afro Blue.
After a very successful 2014 Kickstarter campaign, the Jazz & Blues Revue album will be available for digital download beginning November 18th, with physical CD sales beginning October 21st.
George Kahn Jazz & Blues Revue leads off the release of the new album with a special performance at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, CA on Wednesday October 22nd.  Tickets are $15.00, plus a 2 drink minimum.  Doors open at 7:00 PM and music beginning at 8:00 PM.  CDs will be available for purchase at the concert. We suggest to RSVP for best seats: Call 323-466-2210

Friday, September 12, 2014


Mark your calendars and join us for our CD Release Party on
Wednesday October 22 at 8:00 PM
Catalina Jazz Club
6725 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Invites have already gone out to our 250 Kickstarter Backers, 
so if you plan to attend, reservation may be in order.
Call 323-466-2210, or order online here
  Catalina Jazz Club
6725 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Doors open at 7:00, music starts at 8:30
$15.00 + 2 drink min.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Album Update

So much has happened since our Kickstarter project funded in July: The basic tracks were all knocked out at Umbrella Studios in three days.  Then we moved to Nolan Shaheed's studio in Pasadena to do all the vocals for the 13 songs.  Now we are in the home stretch - all the vocals are done, we are adding a little percussion to a few songs and the great Chuck Manning is coming in to add a couple of sax solos on songs (Eric Marienthal plays sax on most of the album; he's no slouch either!)  

For a more detailed explanation of the process, visit this update on our Kickstarter page

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have to let you in on the world's most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness:
 This simple three letter verb requires you to take action, creates momentum and guarantees a result (not always the result you want or expect, but you always get an answer).
But the key to asking is in learning how to ask for what you want.
Here is a summary from Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen's book, The Aladdin Factor:
1) Ask with a positive expectation
2) Assume you can get it
3) Ask someone who can give it to you
4) Vague requests produce vague results.  Be clear and specific in asking.
5) Ask repeatedly.  As the owner of a company that I used to work for said, "The 'yes' is easy. When someone says 'no', that is when we have to go to work."
Today is the last day of our Kickstarter campaign.  We asked, and over 200 people said "yes", and we are now on our way into the studio to record our new album.
And it would not have happened if we did not ask.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just Lean Into It - 54 hours to go!

Success often happens when you just lean into it
 when you leave yourself open to opportunities
without a contract or any expectations.
Like the snowball that continues to grow as it rolls downhill,
leaning into it creates momentum.
Momentum is that unseen energy force that brings more opportunity
more resources
more people who can help you on your path as it unfolds.
38 years ago I threw my electric piano and all my belongings into a Dodge van,
and drove to Los Angeles to be a professional musician.
I had no job, no contract
I just leaned into the dream
I did not know then that my real purpose
was to help people with my knowledge, creativity and organizational skills
to build better lives
and that leaning into my dream
would lead me to a successful banking career
8 self-released jazz albums
a published book
and a wonderful wife and family.
You lean into it
You see how it feels
 The journey will take you where you want to go - or even someplace better.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Deep In The Kickstarter trenches, Part 4

The Jazz & Blues Revue is now 29 days into our 40-day Kickstarter campaign. Yesterday we crossed the $13,000 mark on our way to the $18,000 goal.  We are 74% funded, and with only 11 days to go the pressure is on. 
My back is aching from too many hours on the Internet, sending emails, posting blogs, sharing in groups.  But I feel a sense of calm.  The events of the last week have made me more certain that we will reach our goal in the next 2 weeks.
Part of actualizing the result is having a complete vision of the final product.  This week I interviewed (and booked) a Grammy-award winning studio in Los Angeles for the recording session, started confirming the musicians and the album art. As they say, "What you think about you talk about, and what you talk about you bring about." The more complete the picture, the easier it is to bring it to reality.
Four weeks in, and more lessons:
1.    Engage - engage - engage
Remember that people are not just buying a product; they are participating in an experience.  Our job is to engage people in the process of creating the project, raising awareness of WHY we are doing what we are doing.  Continuing to write this blog, sending a personal thank you email to each backer, and posting regular updates on Kickstarter are all part of that process.  The most "out of the box" idea: Posting short videos on YouTube, answering people's question about the project (Here is one I posted, answering the question "What ARE you going to do with all this money?"
Next week's video is going to be a visit to the recording studio!
As Captain Pickard on Star Trek says "Make it so - ENGAGE!"
2.    One more time to go wide, and then we have to go deep, and ASK
There are people in our database that we know planned to donate, and they have not done it yet.  Some people are waiting until the end, so they can be the "hero" and come to the rescue.  That time is now!
There are people that we know that have the financial capability to donate at a sizable level if they choose to.  Its time to reach out to them, and actually ask them to pledge at one of the higher levels - as an executive producer or to hire the band for a future event they may be planning.  Someone really famous once said, "Ask and it will be given to you", and my Uncle Moe once said, "If you don't ask, you don't get!"
3.    Keep the energy up
We have a new slogan, posted on the refrigerator:
"All I ask of you is to greet each day with a level of exuberance never before witnessed by mankind."

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Deep In The Kickstarter Trenches - Part 3

Lessons learned in the middle of a Kickstarter Campaign
By George Kahn
The Jazz & Blues Revue is now 21 days into our 40-day Kickstarter campaign. We have reached the half-way mark, and we are basically on track, having raised almost exactly half of our $18,000 goal. 
We are close enough that I am confident we are going to hit or exceed the mark, and make our album.  I am now starting to finalize plans for the completed project.  This is the fun part: scoping out recording studios that we can use for the album, and interviewing people to do the album and poster design.
We are not there yet, and the energy needed to make it to the finish line on July 11 is daunting.  This last week brought some new revelations, as well as some lessons that you may find helpful in your crowd-funding adventure.  Here are the four biggest "A-Ha"s of this week
1.    Keep people involved in the experience
Now that we have over 100 backers, it is important to keep these people involved and committed to the project.  Kickstarter gives you a really simple system to send updates to your backers, either as a group or individually.  Each week I have sent individual thank you messages to new backers.  Now I am also sending out group emails as I research the studios, and add new "rewards" for people who support our project. Remember - people aren't just pre-ordering a product.  They are buying an EXPERIENCE, not just a disc of songs.
2.    Keep the web page fresh

This week we added two rewards by special request.  One was a way for people outside the US to order our music, and the second was a chance to have the Jazz & Blues Revue sing you a "Happy Birthday" message.  People who visited the site requested both of these, so I knew there was a need that I could fill. Adding rewards, or posting more pictures or answers to FAQ's (frequently asked questions) keeps the site fresh, and gives you a reason to tell people to visit again.  The master of this idea is Muertos (Day of the Dead Playing Cards)   Throughout his campaign, Steve Minty kept adding product, photos and videos as they hit new targets.  His original goal was to raise $13,000, and in the end he had 2,793 backers and raised over $159,700.

3.    Keep people engaged OFF the internet, as well
Our music (a living history of Jazz & Blues music from the 1940's to the 21st Century) attracts people of all ages, but honestly, a lot of our fans are older and not as plugged in to Facebook and the Internet.  This week has been a lot of outreach into the "physical" world - passing out flyers at networking events, meeting people for lunch and asking them to participate, etc.  Today we have another house party where we will play our music and have iPads set up for people that want to donate.  I have also found that many people love our Kickstarter site, but do not feel comfortable pledging money on the Internet, even when handles the "back office".  So I have set up alternative ways that people can donate without having to create a Kickstarter log in, or deal with the Internet at all.  We keep a log of the donations, and a list of their respective rewards.  Then one of our band members "pledges" the money, so it shows in our Kickstarter totals.
4.    There is no "Magic Bullet"
Somehow I had the belief that "crowd-funding" and "viral marketing" meant that I could post a great project, tell a few key people, and then somehow the Internet would work its magic and suddenly hundreds of total strangers would be throwing money at us.  Guess what?  If that sounds like a dream, it is.  So far about 10% of the backers have come from discovering us on Kickstarter.  The rest have come from our databases, our outreach and our hard work.  There is no "magic bullet".   Like in any business proposition, it is whom you know, and knowing when and how to ask for help.  We can dance around the subject, but in the end we are FUNDRAISING, and it is challenging and rewarding work.
I still love the Kickstarter platform - it gives credence to our project.  People recognize the brand and are willing to check it out.  The systems they provide make running the campaign easy.  But I can't forget - it is a campaign and I am running it - it won't run itself.